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The Local Government Training Institute (LGTI) is situated in the outskirt of Dodoma Municipality. The Institute is 42 Kilometers away from Dodoma Municipal centre off the high way to Dar es Salaam which is 26 Kilometers away from Ihumwa junction.

In the West it borders the famous Hombolo Dam and Hombolo Village. From the Institute one can enjoy magnificent scenery of Makulu and Mkoyo ranges in the North West. In the eastern side LGTI borders a wine factory- CETAWICO, Hombolo Irrigation Scheme and Hombolo Agricultural Research Centre. The Local Government Training Institute offers a unique and conducive environment for learning, conference, seminars and workshops


The Local Government Training Institute (LGTI) was established by Act of Parliament No.26 of 1994 as a body corporate. The Institute was established to serve as a practical-oriented – professional centre for demand-driven training, research, advisory and consultancy services in the fields of Local Government Finance, Administration and Management. As such, the Institute falls under the subject sector of Business and Management. The said subject sector includes Accountancy; Financial Management, Materials Management, Human Resource Management, Project Planning, Law and related fields.

Briefly, the aim of the Local Government Training Institute is to improve the performance of the Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and other interested parties through the application of appropriate training, research, consultancy and advisory intervention services. Ultimately, the role of the Institute is to facilitate the processes of decentralization by devolution, good governance, quality service delivery, poverty reduction and promotion of social and economic well-being of the people country-wide.

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The institute is currently seeking qualified Public Servants who are willing to transfer to The Local Government Training Institute (LGTI)  to fill 24 vacant job positions as described in attached PDF file at the end of this advert….

Position: Various Posts

Deadline for application is 25th March, 2020.