Cambridge International Scholarships

The University of Cambridge will provide, through the Cambridge Trust, the International Cambridge scholarship to the most advanced students pursuing PhD studies at the University. For British and Irish citizens, the Vice-Chancellor Awards are presented in the same way.

Scholarship description

  • Host Institutions: Cambridge University in the United Kingdom
  • Research level (s): Eligible doctoral-led research programs offered at the University
  • Number of subjects: Not specified.
  • Goal Group: Cambridge International Scholarships are for students who have to pay university fees at the international level, while the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship is for British and Irish citizens who have to pay fees at the national level.
  • Value of subjects / inclusions: Scholarship pays for the structure of the University and a maintenance maintenance is sufficient for one person.


The university committee lists the list of medical candidates in all disciplines. The only factors considered when accepting this list are academic qualifications, references, and research capabilities. The financial status of the applicants does not affect the selection of sponsor recipients.

Application instructions:

All applicants must complete the online application form funding section through the Applicants’ Portal indicating “they want to be considered for funding”. Applicants wishing to begin their PhD in 2020-21 must submit their application by December 3, 2020 or January 7, 2021, whichever is appropriate for their course.

It is important to visit the official website (the link provided below) to get the application form and get detailed information on how to apply for these courses.