Causes of eczema skin infection

Eczema is a skin infection characterized by acute or chronic inflammation of the skin.

Some of the symptoms of the infection include redness, itching, and the outbreak of oozing vesicular lesions which become encrusted and scaly, notes Justin Choi, M.D, an internal medicine specialist.

Here are the causes linked to this particular skin infection;

1. Dry skin

Your skin can easily become scaly, rough, brittle and tight when it’s too dry. This often results to an eczema flare-up.

Dry skin is kindled by many factors. It is mostly associated with not moisturizing the body religiously. The best thing you can do to prevent drying of your skin is dabbing some jelly or oil on it.

 2. Irritants

Overexposure to some chemicals can lead to eczema. Some of the daily products you use in your life have some scorching and tarnishing effects. They can easily cause your skin to burn, become dry, red and itchy.

Be extra careful when handling the hand and dish soap, shampoo, bubble bath, disinfectants and body wash. They can cause more harm than good.

3. Stress

Emotional stress can be disastrous to the body. Stress can negatively affect the body in one way or another. Reportedly, some people get victimized by eczema when their body is subjected to stress.

Among the conditions brought about by stress is eczema. However, how stress triggers eczema flare-up has not been well brought to light but it was confirmed to among the causing factors.

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