Clarendon Fund Scholarships at University of Oxford

The Clarendon Fund is a major graduate program at the University of Oxford, offering nearly 140 new courses each year. Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and proficiency in all subjects with graduate-level standards at the University of Oxford.

Scholarship descriptions

  • Host institutions: Oxford University in the UK
  • Research level (s): All courses from undergraduate to graduate level in any subject are eligible. This includes both full-time and part-time Master’s courses and all DPhil courses. You can find a list of all postgraduate courses offered by Oxford University on the course page.
  • Graduate or diploma courses are not eligible for these courses.
  • Number of awards: Approximately 140 guarantees are issued annually.
  • Targeted group: All applicants from any country
  • Academic value / inclusions / duration: All Clarendon Scholarships fully cover college tuition and fees.

Fellows in full-time courses receive an annual hospitality grant for living expenses, which will be at least £ 15,009 for 2020-21. Fellows of a part-time course will receive a scholarship to pay for tuition, support, and non-school fees. Scholars of a part-time course will receive a scholarship to pay for tuition, support and non-school fees. In 2020-21, DPhil part-time students should expect to receive at least £ 2,502 and part-time Masters students should expect at least £ 5,003.

Scholarships are generally offered for the entire period in which you have to pay tuition fees to the University, which is generally equal to the duration of your course.

Legitimacy / selection criteria:

Clarendon Scholarships are awarded based on excellent academic qualifications and the ability to graduate students from around the world. The scholarships are available in all subject areas and are open to candidates applying for a new master’s or doctoral course with an admission deadline in January.

Application instructions:

If you apply for a full-time or part-time Masters or DPhil course at Oxford by the end of January for your course, you will automatically be considered for the Clarendon scholarship. You do not need to submit any additional documents specifically to the Clarendon Scholarship; there is no separate form for the scholarship application. However, you must submit your application before the January deadline (January 8 or 22, 2021) for your course if you wish to be considered academically.

It is important to visit the official website (link provided below) for detailed information on how to apply for these courses.