Job Opportunity at Tai Plus, Music & Sound Producer Intern

The intern will visualize, innovate and produce music as a profession. They will get a chance to work with our creative and diverse team, learning new aspects as well as having the freedom to showcase their creativity. Ladies are preferred.

Music & Sound Producer Intern Duties

1.   Writing, arranging, recording and producing sounds and music as required in the given projects. 

2.   Technical work including audio editing, sounds design and music production.

3.   Work with voice over artists and directors to record and produce quality sounds and voice overs per project’s needs and demands.

4.   Gather ideas, inspirations from projects and running recording sessions.

5.   Rearranging compositions or suggest changes in music and sounds to be produced in the project.

6.   Guiding the mixing, mastering and recording process.

7.   Develop and put together the separate parts of a sound recording.

8.   Work with musicians and other artists as required to make a musical design as required in the project.

9.   Keeping up to date with the latest musical design trends and advancements in technology.

10. Problem-solving with the team regarding sound and musical design issues and advice on how to make the project better.

11. Working with other artists on how to incorporate the concept art into music and sounds sequences.


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