The type of customers you should avoid early in your business

In business it is common to meet different types of customers and all customers as we know it is important and you should not give your customer service badly until he or she feels that he or she will no longer be able to come to your business.

The client should be cared for and given a service that will make him feel that he is the king for whatever situation you are in. I believe that is very possible for you and you should do it for the rest of your business life.

Although the customer should be treated that way and it is important, but, there are types of customers who need to be very careful in your business so that these customers do not bring other problems to your business.

What are these customers? Let’s go together to learn; –

Build focus with your customers.

  1. The most complaining customers.
    There are customers whose job it is to complain a lot. These customers complain about this or that thing in business and fail to speak the truth and solve common challenges. These customers are very risky in your business.

These customers are one of the customers you should avoid the most. It is easy to ruin your business and cause other customers to run away from you because of so much unfounded complaints. New customers will think your products are really bad but they are not.

  1. Customers who are wasting your time
    There are also customers that I would say they are like are willing to waste your time. These customers are not surprised to find them asking for something for a very long time and looking at it and examining it even without buying it.

What you need to be aware of here is to be aware of such customers when you meet them face to face and even those you meet online. Do this without them knowing that you are avoiding them.

  1. Customers who consider themselves very special
    There are customers who like to see themselves as more important than other customers. Those clients are simply too easy to claim the number of your manager or boss so they can tell you what they want on their own.

In short when you have these customers they are also very annoying and they like to do whatever they want in your business as long as they are visible. So you need to be careful of them and also know how to deal with them so that they do not cause other problems.

  1. Customers who want to reconcile everything
    I have no doubt you know customers who, if you mention the price of an item, they are willing to reconcile and ask for discounts every time. When you have a lot of customers like this then your business will be very disruptive.

There are things that do not need to be reconciled, prices and everything is understandable, now that you have a customer who wants everything to be included in the agreement here you also have to be very careful, otherwise you will do business in difficult circumstances.

These are the customers you should avoid or pay close attention to in your business. I did not say to dismiss these customers or respond negatively, but you should be careful so that they do not confuse you with other customers that you were supposed to have in the business.