Three ways to prevent blood clots

A blood clot is a serious medical condition that should never be ignored. It is a disease that can cause more harm than good when not prevented and left untreated. Among the causes linked to the condition include stroke, family history, heart problems, broken bones and bruises, notes Gerhard Whitworth, R.N, a cardiologist.

Here are ways to prevent blood clots

1. Perform a lot of exercises

When it comes to having a healthy life, exercising is very important. Doing some exercises on a daily basis can really prevent the gel-like masses, clots from forming in your bloodstream. Exercises break down the clots and ensure smooth movement of blood across the body which is important.

 2. Eat less salt

High salt intake can be disastrous to your health and it has been linked to a number of health complications like blood clots.

Salt normally affect the arteries and veins and this has an adverse effect on the flow of blood. Avoid adding salt directly to your food because it is unhealthy.

3. Change your posture

People who have sedentary jobs are most likely to experience blood clots. Even if you have a lot of workloads to handle, remember to stretch your hands and try walking around the office to prevent the blood clots from forming. It is important and for your own good.

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