Tips to help you recognize quality items

We all want our money’s worth of goods we buy while at the mall or local market and when shopping for a new dress, shirt or whatever fashion accessory that suits your fancy. If you prioritize quality over quantity when shopping for new wares, then the following tips would help you detect poor quality items at a glance.

Check the quality of cotton wears by squeezing it

Grab the piece of fabric and squeeze tightly in your fist for a few seconds. Notice the state of the material afterward, if it looks like crumpled paper, know straight up that it’s low quality and it’s only holding up all thanks to the active agents used on it.

Seams and threads should match

Turn the new dress you’re shopping for inside out to see the state of the seams and threading if you have a case of mismatched patterns and or stitches made with varying thread colors. It’s a clear indication that what the dress or shirt has in quantity, it obviously lacks in quality.

Check out the coloring on the folds

Don’t be in a hurry to make payment after getting a good bargain at the mall, take a minute to unwrap and check your dress thoroughly. If the colorings on the straps or fastenings look dull compared to other body parts, or a part of the item looks brighter or darker than the rest. This tells you that material is low quality and you’d have to deal with fade-out soon enough.

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